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Social Media – How To Do It Right

Social Media is penetrating in our daily lives day by day and believe it or not from a 15 year old kid to 50 year of old aunt, today all are on Facebook and other social media sites to spend their spare time, to update statuses, uploading photos and videos and interaction with their personal and business circles frequently.

Although, like any other business pillar, social media is also equally important for business today and big brands like Dell, HP, Pepsi, Redbull and others are using it but very few brands knows how to do it right and how to get maximum out of social media marketing.

We have interacted with several businesses from different niches who do not want to get in to the social media game because they have the fear that this will destroy their reputation and people might write negative comments about the company.

Not only small businesses but sometimes big brands do some funny stuffs to stay away from controversies but unfortunately this bring them in to the brighter light of controversy. In January this year it was reported in PC world that Bank of America is on buying some naughty domain names like domain containing the name of director attached with offensive words.

What’s wrong in it?

Why someone will going to do that, Most probably to stay away from the negative talk by the people who are either the unsatisfied customers or in extreme cases competitors. If this really is the case, is it a good approach to buy all the domain names (hundreds of domains, according to the article)? I believe no!

How to Deal the right way?

Obviously, reputation for business is important but hiding things is not the good approach and if the things you hide somehow come in to light, people will started to lose the trust in you and most probably move to your competitor. The good approach or the right way to deal with this and building reputation online is to face things from the front and build a transparent relationship between company and clients/customers.

There must be reason why people are writing against your businesses (not in case of competitors), try to read this complains and fix it, if possible! And respond to them accordingly. If you are going to face the complains on your social media platforms and respond/satisfy the complainer this will not only build a strong trust and relationship between you and your customer but also this allow other potential customers to attract from you and become your fan because you listen to your customers and value them. Satisfied customer will also give you the word of mouth.

Even in the case of competitor writing negative about your business there are ways to devalue his words and comments through your satisfied customers… running polls, updating testimonials, and words from your satisfied customers will devalue his words and build a business trust among the potential customers.

Social Media is the most remarkable discovery of the 21 century and other them people spending personal lives on social media, it is very important for businesses as well. Social Media, if plan and execute correctly can increase your branding and affect your overall sales.

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