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Speed up your Magento Website

Speed up your Magento Website

Speed up your Magento website with these 5 tips

People are always looking to shorten the amount of time they spend, as time is the most valuable currency! Keeping them waiting for 10 seconds on your website isn’t going to convert them…hard reality but It’s true. Are you yourself willing to spend unnecessary time on a website, just because It’s taking time to load? No? Well how can you expect other people to do so?!

Luckily, you found this article in your time of need. We’re here to help you out, are you ready to turn away from your life of SEO sinning? Well then, let’s speed up your Magento website with these 5 tips:

Best Magento Hosting:

Ensure you’re going to be getting the absolute best Magento hosting you possibly can. For a Magento website to flourish, it requires a specific environment. Some companies will cut corners and stick your Magento website in any old hosting environment, but as we mentioned before that won’t allow it to flourish. If you’d like to see specific requirements, you can check that out on their website:


Moral of the story, check your hosting provider fulfils at least the minimum requirements for hosting!

Stat tracking:

We all know how website stats can help your digital marketing strategies. For example, if your homepage bounce rate is too high it tells the story that maybe the centre of your website isn’t enticing enough for users to stay. This, in turn, allows businesses to experiment with other tactics to keep people on their site!

Using an internal stat tracker will definitely slow your site down. We can’t say exactly how much it will affect your website, however, you’re probably better off going with Google Analytics (or something similar) anyway. Google Analytics is just one example of an external stat tracker, there are more out there. Remember, keep stat tracking external not internal!

Display Less Products:

There will definitely be a mixed opinion about this amongst some of you. It is good to display several products on a page as it may increase your chances of converting visitors. However, if your website is taking too long to load such pages, it may actually end up being detrimental to your conversion rate!

Whilst it may be useful for people to see more of your product range, this should not be at the expense of load speed. Be careful, for this point you may need to do a lot of testing!

Disable Layered Navigation:

Layered Navigation is something that, again, is good for conversion rates. It allows your users to filter the search themselves, showing results that are only relevant to them. However, it is really resource intensive. However, this is only recommended if your website speed is really negative, so if you really don’t need layered navigation this is something else you should disable.

Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) into your Magento store can really boost your website’s speed. A Content Delivery Network ensures your web assets (images, files, code) are delivered from different locations around the world, making your website faster!

Using these 5 tips are easy to implement and will definitely improve your website speed situation! We hope you enjoyed this week’s #MagentoMonday and, as a consequence, we were able to speed up your Magento Website. 

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