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Starting your Company Blog: Top Tips

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So the new year has arrived and you are thinking of putting a fresh spin on your website. Well, what better way to do it than to start up your company blog and engage your customers and bring in whole new customers. But just how exactly do you go about it and what do you right about? This is where we can help…

Blogging should be a major part of any website’s search engine optimisation and general online strategy as it offers an invaluable way of sharing information to the users of your website and finding an informal way to actively interact with them. Not only that but if you look across many of your competitors website’s then you will see that there is a high likelihood that they are already active members within the ‘blogosphere’.The first thing that you need to decide is what to write about. This should be something related to you website and it is important to keep a consistent theme to your blog so that users with an interest in a specific subject can subscribe and follow it regularly. For example, there’s no point writing about cats one day then the next about the weekend’s football results. At Wow Internet, we are web design and SEO specialists therefore we try to write about these types of topics to hopefully engage you, the reader, and so that you can take away some helpful tips in the process.

It is definitely worth having a look at other blogs online; for example, the Google blog is a great source of information about the online world, also the likes of SEOmoz have a fantastic blog which we regularly follow here and offers expert advice about all aspects of online activities. By looking at the structure and the way in which they are written will give you an inkling on how to approach your own.

One of the other big tips that we will give you is to get straight to the point and don’t write huge amounts of text as people can find this quite daunting. Personally, I like to read blogs of no more than 550 words as its nice and quick to read and you can get exactly what you want from it without having to dedicate a huge amount of time to it.

The last tip that we would give is to not just use your blog to stuff in a load of your keywords because readers can see right through it (not to mention the search engines) so before you publish anything, ask yourself, would I read this? If the question is yes then you’re on the right track.

Once you have finally got your blog up and running then try to get the word out by submitting it to blog networks such as Blogwogo. Take a look at this article about blog networks for a bit more information on them.

Hopefully you now have everything to start your own blog and interact with your users on a whole new level. Let us know how you get on!

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