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Study Shows Organic Search Results Favoured Over PPC

A recent report has declared that paid seach spending is set to rise over the coming year. However it also notes that companies should take note that consumers spend more time looking for organic results, rather than paid ones.

The survey, conducted by User Centric, aimed to see if internet users went with organic results or PPC adverts when searching for different products. The study found that 100% of users peruse organic results, but the increased importance of PPC was also displayed as the majority also checked these results as well.

The study also found that Google adverts get more attention than Bing adverts. According to the study consumers who consider paid ads spend nine-tenths of a second looking at paid search ads on the top of Google result pages, while they spend just seven-tenths of a second looking at paid ads on the top of Bing pages.

However consumers spend nearly 15 seconds perusing organic results, showing that organic results gained through good SEO is still preferable. However a successful e-marketing campaign will consider all facets.

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