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Surrounding yourself with good people – #inthezone 50

Surrounding yourself with good people

The big 50 – can you believe it?

Since we started #inthezone, we’ve written 50 issues and have retained a good-sized readership, which gives me a lot of self-satisfaction!

So, before we get into today’s article – first thing’s first.


It’s felt like one big rollercoaster ride, with its ups and downs – but you guys have been there with us every step of the way!

Next milestone? 100!

Kicking us off this week is some quite extraordinary news.

Adama Barrow – A former Argos security guard has now been elected the president of Gambia!

Once upon a time he would keep his watchful eye on customers, now his fiery gaze is set upon ruling Gambia!

Yahya Jammeh, Gambia’s current president, was keen on securing the votes so that he could prove Adama Barrow wasn’t a legitimate threat…

…he fell short. The votes were as follows:

Adama Barrow – Received 45% of votes

Yahya Jammeh – Received 36% of votes

It begs the question, what’s really stopping you from doing what you TRULY want to?

Build a time machine, be the first human to go to Mars, wear 2 different coloured socks regardless of whether it’s frowned upon by society – the world is your oyster!

If you need inspiration, take it from Amazon, they’re paving the way with the same entrepreneurial spirit.

Amazon made its first successful drone delivery in the UK!

Remember Ebay, anyone?

About 6-7 years ago, most of my online shopping was carried out on Ebay, but not anymore.

After bringing in next day delivery, one hour delivery and, very soon, 30-minute drone delivery – it’s easy to see why Amazon are putting others out of business.Flying DroneThis isn’t the only new idea they’re testing out. Apparently, there will now also be an Amazon store…with a twist.

The shop will be queue free, no more standing in lines.

Upon entering the shop, it will ask you to sign into your account.

Any items you pick up and leave with will be deducted from your Amazon account, so you won’t even have to be served by a cashier (perfect for those who’re always on the move).

Check out the full video here. What do you think, is the world ready for this kind of technology?

And now, it’s time for your weekly dose of irony.

A former WWE wrestler body-slammed an armed robber!

Where’s the irony, you ask?

He was famous for portraying a criminal during his time at the WWE!

Shad Gaspard grabbed the robber’s gun, slammed his head into a solid wall only to then slam him to the ground.

Well played! We salute you. The robber had no chance of running away…

Shad Gaspard Cryme Tyme
…Not unless he had Anna’s legs!

Anna ran a 10km run last Saturday

And it only took her 1 hour and 2 minutes! A massive congratulations as she was doing it for charity and managed to raise £1900.

In practice, the maximum she had run was 8km, so this was her pushing herself to the absolute limit.

4 laps around the Edgbaston reservoir equated to the 10km in the end, you can see her pictured below after a shattering run!

Anna Adebayo's 10km run

She had been planning this for a long time and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing she reached her goal.

In the past week, there have been some incredible things happening.

From flying drones making deliveries, to a former Argos security guard becoming the elected president of Gambia, to Anna running her first 10km for charity.

It really does demonstrate the feats we can achieve if we simply put our mind to something and knuckle down!

The new year is approaching and we need to be prepared for whatever it throws at us, who knows what blessings are drawing near.

Behind every great person is a team of people on the same mission.

Just take a look above, you can see Anna pictured with all of her friends, all doing the 10km run with her.

If you try to tackle things on your own, you can only get so far. Your perspective may be narrow, your resources limited and your knowledge insufficient to get you to the places you need to go.

If you only achieve one thing in 2017, make sure it’s surrounding yourself with good people!

Do you agree?

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