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#inthezone 14: The Chapters of Life

inthezone #14: The chapters of life

Chapters of life

We’ve almost done it, guys, …as the weeks go by, we realise how close we’re getting to #inthezone 15! This will be a huge milestone, so expect something big for next week’s article! For those that have been with us from the start, we believe a massive thank you is in order. It really has been a great journey; delving into the unknown without knowing how people would react. However, with all the positive feedback we’ve been getting as of late, it’s safe to say that it all paid off.Matthew Playing Xbox

The other day the “lads” of the office decided to bring an Xbox One in to work to play during their lunch hour. It’s safe to say this marked a very historic moment for the company. Never before has there been so much concentrated testosterone in one place. In addition to this, the women decided to name call, using offensive terms such as “geeks” to wind up the guys! For that whole day, every guy left the toilet bowl up after finishing up in the bathroom! Maybe that’ll teach them for saying Xbox is for geeks ;). (This didn’t actually happen, but the guys wanted to write this as a formal warning to the girls…”call us geeks again and you can expect to put the toilet bowl down every time you need to go”).

There was quite a shocking experience that happened in the office last week. As part of her lifestyle change, Safina was heating up some vegetables in the office microwave. One of these vegetables happened to be Brussel sprouts. Let’s just say, the smell emanating from these sprouts was bad enough to put the “phantom logger” to shame. It was then decided that we would never repeat an incident like this again. To avoid such a tragedy from occurring again, we encourage all employees to avoid this specific food item. It was a decision made by EVERY member of staff to ensure this nightmare is not re-lived. If you think this is drastic, you weren’t there to experience the horror…

Unfortunately, we are sad to announce Sarah is leaving us this February. It’s been great having her on the team, but her placement had to end eventually. As much as we’re sad to see her go, we’re also really excited to see where the journey of life takes her. We know this is one of many great chapters of life for her. In honour of her awesome stay at Wowzone, we did an employee spotlight with her featured! Here it is:

Q) Firstly, tell the audience how long you’ve been working here.

A) In February, it will be almost 5 months! So quite a long time.

Q2) What will you do when you return to France?

A2) Firstly, I’m going on holiday to Australia! I need to put my hair down, so I’m going with friends. After, I have a series of exams and interviews for a few business schools I’m applying to. Wish me luck!

Q3) How was the experience of learning a new language, and is there any advice you can offer our readers if they wish to do the same?

A3) Overall, it was very good. It made me a more open-minded person. However, it is quite stressful at the start. This is because you can’t always say what you think, so it can be frustrating. I’m glad I learnt English, it will help me in Australia and wherever else life may take me! My advice to you all is “speak speak speak”. Also, I learnt a lot of my English from watching movies with English subtitles. Find your own way of learning and just do it!

So what I say to you my comrades is this; there are many chapters of life. Of course, when one chapter finishes it can be quite disheartening. However, this is the very essence of life. As they say…”Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy”. Cherish the experiences you have and allow them to change you for the better. There are many types of situations this lesson applies to…business is one of them. For instance; if you’ve made a mistake which resulted in you losing business, that can be seen in two different ways.

  • The exceptional would think of it as a learning curve, allowing them to learn from said mistake.
  • Or you could be “that guy” who ponders too much on what could’ve happened if they didn’t make the mistake. No-one should be this person.

Which one are you?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I don’t know what’s worse, Ammaar’s jokes or Brussel Sprouts!” – Sarah

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