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The delivery of robots

The delivery of robots

Following on from last week’s #TechTuesday, is “the delivery of robots”. Yes, I know it’s Thursday…techincal issues…*sigh*.

Anyway, moving forward!

In London, robots are being trialled to deliver packages and other goods.

Imagine collecting your food or goods from a robot instead of a person.

These self-driving Starship robots can deliver over 10 kg worth of goods at a speed of 4 mph. The aim is to use the bots to deliver the final mile of these deliveries, with the main selling point being zero emissions.

Currently, they’re semi-controlled by human operators (when needed) who watch over three robots. This number will increase in the future as they aim to have one person watching over 100 robots.

The robots, through the help of the internet and GPS, can weave through pedestrians and can even cross the road safely. Could these bots potentially be a common siting in the cities?

If so, make sure you pay attention to these miniature bots as well as dodging small animals and children on your morning walks!

Starship robot

Starship robot delivering groceries

There are so many variables that need to be considered for this type of service to be successful, such as speed, security and consistency.

Our faith is placed into human delivery, however, we may feel this as this is all we currently know.

Do we care about the interaction we have with the person delivering the goods?

We live in a “dare to try” world where innovation is king. Quite often this results in many processes and products failing to live up to the potential we thought they would have.

Information gained through trialling and potentially implementing self-driving robots permanently could aid with the production of delivery through aerial drones which is always talked about.

Will the delivery of robots to our lifestyle be a success or a failure?

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