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#inthezone 24: #DigitalZone

#inthezone 24: The #DigitalZone Seminar

The #DigitalZone Seminar

GOOD AFTERNOON ALL! Yes, that’s right…we wrote that all in CAPS because we’re very proud. Proud of what, you might ask? Well yesterday we successfully ran one of the most awesome events of 2016! #DigitalZone was an amazing experience for all involved, our team, Solihull College, and most importantly, the delegates!

Before we get into the meaty part of the article, we wanted to give a massive shout out to Solihull College! They’ve been so supportive throughout the whole thing, which is great because it took some of the stress off of us. They’re amazing to work with and will help your business/organisation every step of the way. Shaun, Jas, Farhana and the rest of the team, thank you!

The two speakers (Ausaf and Simon) really hit the nail on the head in terms of how to future-proof your #digitalmarketing strategy! One of the main ideas discussed was not having your marketing strategy centric to Google, because if Google changes their algorithm or ranking factors you may actually just be worse off in terms of SEO. Your focus should ALWAYS be on your customers and giving them the best experience possible. Google’s objective is to direct users to websites which are both relevant and pleasant to browse. By focusing on making your users/customers happy, you are indirectly improving your SEO anyway. So remember, always keep your users in mind! 

During the day, there were a few minor setbacks. One of the major ones being that DigitalZonethere was an accident on the M42, which unfortunately meant some people couldn’t make it. But still, the show went on! The room was STILL packed out and the delegates still loved the event. Everything was spot on, which brings us on to the next point. Thank you to the whole Wow Zone team! Everyone arrived early and ready to go. All of the delegates were warmly welcomed and left with nothing but compliments! Great job guys, now it’s time to get this big #DigitalZone event going in Autumn!

If you were on Twitter yesterday, you would’ve seen it go crazy over #DigitalZone! We received hundreds of tweets from our lovely delegates. As well as creating a physical buzz, we disrupted the twittersphere! There is something magical about putting in hours and hours of work, then seeing your event pan out smoother than Steve Harvey’s bald head! 

Last but not least, we think the biggest thank you should go to our delegates. Everyone that attended was awesome, there’s literally no other way to put it. The room was a mix of existing clients and businesses (who we feel are ambitious) however, it didn’t matter what company people came from as everyone left with value and tactics they can implement into their own business! Our delegates were also awesome enough to fill out our event feedback forms and most, if not all, of them were positive feedback. Granted, there were some things to improve but overall it was quite successful. 

We think it’s time to celebrate and take a bit of time to get our energy back. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating victories, but we don’t want to settle there. As mentioned previously, we’re taking things to the next level AGAIN with our next seminar. We’re ALREADY in talks with some massive companies, and they’ve expressed interest in coming down and giving a talk at our event. Get ready for BIGGER and BETTER things! 


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Anyone want a coffee?!” – Shaheen

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