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#inthezone 36: The Job Interview

#inthezone 36: The Job Interview!

#inthezone 36: The Job Interview!

Ladies and gentlemen, how are you? Hope you’re all doing great, I mean you guys are the BEST audience on the planet! If you’ve been following us closely, you may have seen us on TV this week! Very exciting stuff. For those of you that don’t know, we were featured on the awesome show “#thejobinterview” at 9pm on Tuesday. So if you want an autograph, better get in line…

…Joke, but still, what an awesome experience!

For those of you that are oblivious, #thejobinterview follows the hiring process of candidates. Initially, there were 6 candidates but Qasim and Ausaf narrowed that number down to 3, 2 and then eventually 1! We won’t include any spoilers in this blog post to be mindful of those that have not yet seen it, and if you haven’t seen it; here’s the link:

The filming process took place at around the same time as our first #DigitalZone event, so it was a really intense period, but we got through it! The day after our #DigitalZone event Qasim & Ausaf were on the first train to London to get through the main bulk of the filming. Did you know that 1 million people tuned in to see us on TV?! It really was an amazing opportunity and we look forward to more great things to come.

Now, you’re probably wondering how we got this opportunity (here’s a great nugget of information for you). Well, we were pumping out a lot of content, mostly videos at the time and it somehow landed in the hands of a producer. They then got in touch with us and expressed their interest, asking if we’d like to take part in their show. Almost immediately, Qasim realised this was his calling to finally be a TV star, and things started setting in motion ;)! If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that you should never stop pushing out content because you never know whose hands it may end up in!


The past week has been filled with many achievements and accolades. Alongside achieving national coverage on #thejobinterview, we’re also proud of Ammaar for winning his first gold medal in his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition (BJJ) last Sunday. We’re not going to go into this too much because it pretty much speaks for itself, however, congratulations and we know this isn’t the only gold medal and there are plenty more to come :). Above, you can see Ammaar pictured with the other medalists…

The last bit of good news continues with us securing another massive client. Qasim was working tirelessly to refine his pitch, which took hours of work but it has now paid off! There is literally no substitute for grinding. If you want to get from a to b, the only way you’ll get there is through putting in the work. 

At Wow Zone, we believe it is highly important for businesses and people alike to appreciate and celebrate their achievements. If you’ve achieved something recently, recognize it, It’s okay to let loose every now and then. It is known that too much of something is bad for you, this also includes working. Overworking is a real thing and you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall prey to it. Remember, work smart, have fun! Everything in moderation…


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Everything in Moderation!” – Ammaar

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