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#inthezone 40: The Law of Reciprocity

#inthezone 40: The Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity

40 – The only number in the English language whose letters appear in alphabetical order and a number which equates to the standard number of hours in the working week…we’re on the big 40!

It’s exciting that we’ve come this far, so many lessons learnt but still so far to go. Incredible is just an understatement, thank you for all our loyal followers. Without you guys, these blogs would be nothing more than the rambles of mad people; as if we were talking and no one was listening.

But enough of that, we just want to thank you! There’s plenty to talk about so without further adieu; here’s #inthezone 40 – The Law of Reciprocity:

The first topic that comes to mind when we think what’s been relevant in the past week is students receiving their GCSE results! There are usually two ways these things go; either students get the grades they worked for or they don’t do so good. There isn’t really much of a “middle ground”. To those who haven’t done so well, we encourage you to read our last article on why failure is necessary. Remember, the world isn’t over, you’re 16, young, bright and ambitious!

You know what’s weird, though? The fact that the internet is older than most of the younger generation. The kids receiving their GCSEs, A-Levels, heck, even Uni results (with the odd exception) are all generally younger than the internet itself. Can you guess how old the internet is? Go on, have a think for a second and then read the answer below…



In honour of “#InternautDay”, here are some of the best tweets from the day that officially marked 25 years of internet:




Wow Zone and so many more millions of companies wouldn’t exist without Tim Berners innovating the World Wide Web. Hats off to you, good sir!

Speaking of celebrations, a very important one just passed us this week. We always love celebrating birthdays and this week it was time to celebrate the birthday of an awesome team member, Adnan. The best part about it all? FREE CAKE!

Adnan turned 1 more year older on Thursday and he enjoyed the cake we got him, unfortunately, he still “felt old”. That’s a given, most people do feel old once they start reaching the age of around 30. You know what they say, old is gold! Nothing beats experience…

Some of what was discussed on #inthezone today points towards the power of giving. Tim Berners-Lee releasing the internet to the public (for free) and, the most important, Adnan getting his birthday cake (because cake is life)! People underestimate the effect of generosity because they’re so focused on ROI all the time.

“What’s the ROI of this, What’s the ROI of that”

There’s a time and a place to think of this. Qasim really iterates this point a lot of the time, that maybe It’s not about return on investment, sometimes you have to give without expecting something back. This is called the law of reciprocity, which is defined by Google as:

The law of reciprocity, (which applies in EVERY culture on the face of the earth), simply explains that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back. Giving and receiving favors is a common exchange and is an implicit assumption in most of our relationships.”

Most businesses people will focus on making money, however, the smartest entrepreneurs will build relationships and make that their focal point. You never know when someone will give back to you, build relationships and let the law of reciprocity do its work!

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