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The Myths of SEO Uncovered

Myths of SEOThere are many myths associated with SEO and so called ‘instant ways’ to get to the first page of Google, most of this advice is given by the many ‘SEO experts’ that seem to appear all over the web on a daily basis. The first bit of advice that we would give anyone reading up on SEO is to take everything with a pinch of salt, because unless it comes directly from Google then it is hard to trust the validity of the information you are receiving.

So why would you listen to us, you might ask? That’s a fair point, but one reason at least is that we have been in the SEO game for a long time now and have experienced the many different emotions (or should I say, frustrations!) that SEO brings. One thing that we have learnt is that if something seems too good to be true… then it often is.

What we are going to go through here is just a few of the common misconceptions that are often linked to SEO and this will definitely help save you a bit of time and effort:

Getting as many keywords as possible into your webpages:

Getting keywords into your content is obviously an important part of your SEO efforts, however, there is a fine line between getting in all your keywords and then just simply keyword stuffing. Think about how it looks to your customers before just ‘how many keywords can I get in this text’ as it can leave your website looking very unprofessional. For example, if we were to have on our homepage:

“Welcome to Wow Internet, we are an SEO Birmingham company in Birmingham providing SEO across all of Birmingham. If you are looking for SEO services in Birmingham then check us out!”

Now, with the above text, yes we would be getting a load of keywords in, but on the other hand, it looks utterly ridiculous! Also, if we carried on in this manor then Google would down rank our website for keyword stuffing and as well as that, our customers would see the website as looking very unprofessional.

Buying links for your website will get you to the top of Google:

This myth is often one that is short lived and can have a tragic effect on your website. Some websites that have purchased links online can see a rise in their search results listings of a page or two but then all of a sudden you will vanish of the face of Google. It will be a quick realisation that Google has clicked on to what you have done and black-listed your website. Just remember that Google has extremely advanced systems that detect this and it is not really worth risking all the effort of your SEO for a so called ‘quick fix’.

Hyper-linking all of your keywords in your website:

If you have placed a few of your keywords within your website and have them hyperlinked to other pages in the website then this can provide minor helps toward your SEO as long as the links are relevant. However, one thing to remember is that if your keyword was, for example, ‘SEO’, and you had this in the page multiple times, Google will only recognise the first hyperlink from ‘SEO’ and ignore the rest so don’t waste your time hyperlinking each instance of the same word as it has no effect.

Hopefully we have cleared up a few myths for you which should save you some time. Come back to the blog for more helpful tips!

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