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The New Google+ Dashboard for Your Business Page

One new addition to Google+ that I’ve been particularly pleased about is the introduction of the new ‘Dashboard’ feature for Google+ Pages. The dashboard allows you to view all of your recent notifications, an overview of your followers, all the managers of your page, any connected apps to the page and a few different plugins for your website that you can use.

Google+ Dashboard

One thing that’s bugged me for a while about G+ has been the lack of integration with social analytics tools, even if it is just to get a quick overview of your page performance. I use Sprout Social, which has now integrated with Google+ but still doesn’t provide a overview ‘dashboard’ within it specifically for my Google+ pages. As you can imagine, this is a welcome addition for me.

Although there isn’t many actual analytic features, like Facebook’s Insights, G+ integrates very well with Google Analytics (as you would imagine) so you can get most of your stats through there. Plus, the Google+ Ripples feature is pretty awesome for analysing individual post virality. Hopefully there will be a nice little analytical overview within the G+ dashboard in the future though.

Snippets and Badges for Your Site

G+ dashboard snippets

A nice little feature of the dashboard, especially for beginners, is the ‘For your site’ section. This gives you some quick links to code snippets that you can embed within your website in order to integrate Google+. This includes the +1 button, a Google+ badge, share button and page snippets.

Add and Remove Manager of Your Page

Google+ Managers


This is a pretty handy little area of the dashboard where you can manage all of the users of your Google+ page. Can be great to just check who has access to the page, add new page managers and also to remove anyone that you no longer want to have access.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a welcomed addition to Google+ for me but I’d love to see a bit more analysis information within Google+ instead of having to track it within Google Analytics or go and find each of my posts to view the ripples, etc. If I could view all my popular posts in the same way that Facebook offers then this would be an awesome feature.

What do you think about the new Google+ dashboard? Is there anything that you would like to see added (or removed)? Let me know in the comments below.

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