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The Paradox of our Time

The paradox of our time

The paradox of our time

It is a question we always ask ourselves, whilst our eyes are glued to our screens.

Am I using my phone too much?

We live in a world where we cannot get away from using technology in every aspect of our lives. Smartphone device usage varies from obtaining directions to sharing a video on Snapchat.

You could argue, that technology has created another pathway for us to acquire more knowledge as well as share the knowledge we have to others. Even more so in areas which we never thought we would be interested in.

However, with all these machines connecting us together, we have become tangled in a web which we cannot escape from, resulting in humanity being more divided than ever. Instead of meeting people face to face, we are connecting with people via video, affecting our interpersonal skills.

It is fair to say; our behaviours are a reflection of the dogs in Pavlov’s study. Have we really become conditioned like trained dogs? The sound of a ping makes us salivate.

Research has shown us that using technology has affected our memory and attention, causing us to fall prey to more day to day errors.

Finally, technology has pushed us away from living in the moment, we are having relationships with devices rather than our peers. We are all probably guilty of taking pictures of our food before we eat it or having your phone in the air for half the concert to show others.

We are too concerned with how many likes or retweets we will get than to enjoy the solitude of others then external noise.

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