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#inthezone 38: The Power of SIlence

#inthezone 38: The Power of Silence.

The Power of Silence…

Happy Friday amazing people, hope you’ve all had an awesome week. Yet again, there is much to discuss. From the start of the Olympics to Arianna Huffington stepping down as editor in chief, we have it all (and much more). Buckle your seatbelts because you’re in for a ride!

Seeing as though we mentioned the Olympics first, It’s only fitting to start with that. Last week we reminded you all to catch the opening ceremony and we hope you listened because, WOW. It featured some highly intense visuals, some fire dancing, Samba, acrobatics and so much more. As usual, it was met with criticism and people compared it to previous opening ceremonies, however, you still can’t take anything away from this piece of art. What do you think? Was it up to standard? Could it have been better? Comment below!

As insane as the whole opening ceremony was, we can only think of ONE thing that would match that level of insanity (good insanity, don’t worry); Jared Leto’s performance as Joker in Suicide Squad! Yes, most of us here at Wow have seen the movie, and it was given a metaphorical thumbs up. Suicide Squad is the second movie out this year from DC and it has definitely delivered, just as Batman Vs Superman did too…it will be available on the big screen for a few months so there’s no excuse not to catch this cinematic masterpiece. WARNING: There are a few sad scenes in the movie which may tug at your heartstrings, Wow Zone is not responsible for any emotions caused by the film!

Suicide Squad Margot Robbie
Unfortunately, the sadness Suicide Squad causes isn’t as much as the following bit of news. Arianna Huffington, has officially stepped down as editor in chief of the Huffington post. Don’t worry, she isn’t going into retirement. Arianna has expressed to the public that she’s leaving the international company so she can concentrate on her new venture – Thrive Global. We wish you luck on your new journey!

Speaking of new journeys, we can definitely say the same is true for Wow Zone. We mentioned last week that Baki was on holiday, well a few more have joined that bandwagon. However, once they’re back, everyone will be refreshed with their “batteries charged”, ready to turn over a new chapter for Wow. We’re excited to see what the future holds, especially with all these new projects coming in too.

Following on from that, we wanted to let our audience know something VERY important. It may seem that we’ve been slacking a lot on our social media channels recently, however, we’ve been working behind the scenes on a content plan, and have hit the nail on the head! Get ready for a new and improved Wow Zone with diverse and MORE amazing content.

We didn’t communicate this to all of you, and there was a good reason for it. We’re strong believers in action, not talking. So what we wanted to do was to actually go ahead and scheme in the back, with no-one knowing and then come out NEW and IMPROVED (using the power of silence to our advantage). If we could give you one piece of advice, it would be:

Please, don’t be like “that guy”. Who is “that guy”?! Well, if you’re “that guy” then you’re basically all talk no action. Remember, the power of silence can be more impactful than you know…

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