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The Return of DigitalZone

#inthezone 32: The return of DigitalZone!

#inthezone 32: The Return of DigitalZone

Today is a special day. Today is the day #inthezone blesses each and every one of its readers with knowledge and (most importantly) humour! Oh…and it’s been a week since we collectively decided the fate of the UK with the EU referendum, but that’s clearly not as important as #inthezone (joke, or is it really?).

Last week we announced something MASSIVE on our social media pages and if you haven’t seen it yet then we don’t know what you’re doing! Do you find yourself wanting to:

  • Skyrocket your business’ marketing strategy?
  • Future-proof your digital marketing for years to come?
  • Meet like-minded businesses with similar goals?

Then you’ve come to the right place! You’ve probably already guessed it by now but It’s time for the return of DigitalZone. We’re working in conjunction with Sandwell College to put on an amazing event for you all! Simon Guest from Google is back alongside Qasim Majid to deliver more invaluable information which you can implement straight into your business. 

NOTE: Don’t miss the return of DigitalZone, SEMINAR LINK BELOW

The Return of DigitalZoneSandwell College are offering an amazing room for us to use in their awesome facility. Seriously, the first time we visited the campus it really took our breath away. The building design is truly extravagant! They have even been generous enough to throw in a FREE complementary lunch for all delegates that attend the #DigitalZone seminar, so how can you say no to that?! If you feel like this amazing seminar is for you and your business (which, let’s be honest, of course it is) then get registering early to avoid disappointment!

When we say register early to avoid disappointment, we really mean it. We don’t like turning people down, however, the event WILL be oversubscribed, there’s no doubt about it! For our last #DigitalZone event, we were oversubscribed by at least 30 people. So if you try registering and it’s too late, don’t say we didn’t warn you ;).

If that news hasn’t shocked you, then this next part will make you feel like your favourite character dying in Game of Thrones. The UK has voted out of the EU! Okay, to be honest that was probably a bad comparison, and we’ve known for about a week now so It’s probably not that shocking but still, who would’ve guessed?

For those living under a rock (and believe me, people like this exist) the referendum was in regards as to whether the UK will continue to be a part of the EU (as stated above too). To people that are complaining about the outcome, there is no point. Your complaining does not change the outcome, nor will it help you in any way, shape or form. It is now irrelevant whether you voted in or out, we need to shift the focus on how we make full use of this situation and create a better GREAT Britain for the future generations. Yes, it’s called Great Britain for a reason, we can still be great without the rest of Europe, can’t we? 

If you were sad that the UK will no longer be a part of the EU, then this next part will give you crippling depression (joke, but It’s still sad). Anyway, two of our French interns are leaving and they go by the name of Thibaut and Baptiste! It’s been quite an awesome journey, they’ve been with us for about 4 months each and it’s unfortunate they couldn’t stay longer. For them, it’s a new chapter in their lives. Much like the EU referendum, a new chapter dawns for both of these talented lads. We wish you the best guys, you will be missed! 

Don’t forget to register for the #DigitalZone Seminar!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Observe the masses and do the exact opposite” – Qasim! 

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