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The SEO Benefits of Writing a Blog

SEO BirminghamWikipedia explains the word “blog” as a “website or type of website updated with new content from time to time”. The word blog is formed from two words; web and log and includes regular entries of commentary about events, news and even video.

Blogging is growing each day and as of February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.

Whatever your business, writing a blog (or having a guest blog) is extremely important and can be often done without the help of professional web designers. Whether it records a view on a subject, a diary or advertising, this gives you and your business a chance to promote to an audience. Guest blogging means you write for someone else’s blog or they write for yours which again gives you the opportunity to promote yourself to a different audience. By working in this way, you get those ever important backlinks to your website enhancing your SEO. Remember, when writing a blog, don’t forget to use keywords to really maximise on your SEO and drive traffic to your site.

Love you, love your blog!

Search engines love blogs and are a key part towards search engine optimisation. People searching on the Internet are looking for new information all the time. Keeping your blog updated is essential, perhaps every 3 days, so that search engines keep on recognising you and driving increased traffic to your site.

Advertising for free!

Advertising can cost a fortune and from one month to the next, how many people keep copies of publications/emails they receive containing advertising? Your blog is your advert. If you have special features at various times of the year or special offers, writing a blog, posting and then using your usual social media methods makes it go viral and no huge advertising costs to pay! Plus, you can keep your blogs on your website for people to search through!

So….if you keep just one resolution of 2012, start your blog and keep it running!

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