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#inthezone 27: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

#inthezone 27: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Good afternoon folks and welcome back to #inthezone! It’s a pleasure to have you as always, there are plenty of topical things to talk about this week. From the exam period to digital marketing news, this week is PACKED so let’s get you to the meaty part of the article!


To start us off, here’s a quick announcement. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve officially brought back our #MagentoMonday segment! Between all the things that have been going on at Wow Zone, it’s just been too hectic. But now it’s back, and better than ever! Know what else is back? One of the favourites, our #DigitalNugget videos. Between all the things that have been going on, it’s been REALLY difficult to continue balancing all of these segments that you all love. But now that we’ve been able to have a breather, we thought why not bring it back?

Baki's Birthday
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In other happy news, it was Baki’s birthday on Wednesday 18th May! Now, as well as celebrating by buying some awesome comics, he also went to watch the new X-Men film. He was very chuffed with the way the day turned out, as you can see in the picture (even more chuffed that X-Men came out on his birthday)! We know it’s a day late, but it would be awesome if you wished him a happy birthday below :). Thanks.
And now, moving on to your weekly dose of digital marketing related news, we have something to tell you which is both exciting and weird at the same time. Forget searching with words, now you can search Google with emojis. Yes, you really didn’t that read wrong (but you did read that wrong, GOT YA)! Anyway, now that you know you can search with emojis, why not try it? First thing we tried was Googling a cow emoji, and…well…cows came up. Can’t say we’re very surprised at that, but hey some people would probably find it more convenient searching with emojis. To those people we say knock yourselves out (not literally, just go have fun with your searching).


So it’s that time of the year again. Most people from the approximate ages of 13 to 23 are probably somewhere around the country stressing out. That’s right, it’s exam period. If there are any students out there that read this, just know that we’ve all been through life as a student. It can be difficult, grade boundaries can rise and the exam could be 100 times harder than you anticipated. It may even seem that everything is going wrong, but consistency and patience are the key to overcoming the odds. If you don’t get the grades you’re looking for, just remember; “you either succeed or learn”. But we’re very confident in the next generation and we have faith in you! Just make sure you have that same faith in yourself. 🙂


So what we can learn from this week’s #inthezone is that comics are good and the new X-Men film is awesome…kidding of course! As awesome as comics and the X-Men are, we’d like to talk about something slightly more important. This week, we turn to nature to teach us! Have you ever seen Geese fly? If you haven’t then you’re missing one of nature’s biggest phenomenon’s. They fly in a V shape because it’s aerodynamically sound, with each bird flying slightly above the bird in front (equaling less wind resistance). Then, each bird takes turns leading the V shaped pack, as it is most exhausting to fly at the front! This enables the geese to fly for a long time before they have to stop. If you’re not seeing the lesson, then let us explain it. If you try and do things by yourself, it may work but will require extreme amounts of effort and will take you a longer time to achieve what you want to. Going it solo is necessary sometimes, but never all the time. With a team, you can share the exhaustion, look out for one another and end up propelling your strategy/plan days or even weeks ahead by doing so. You don’t need to do it all yourself, it’s acceptable to have help! The whole is greater than the sum of its parts…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You’re going to France? Bring me back some cheese!” – Adnan

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