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Three Quick Tips for Moving up the Google Search Listings

SEO BirminghamThere are many different tips and tricks that so called ‘experts’ give out all the time on the web promising that they will get you to the top of Google in a few days. In reality, you have to be either extremely lucky, a huge organisation, or be targeting a very niche search term that barely anyone searches for. What we suggest is that you follow these three tips and it will get you on your way to rising through the listings. We’re not saying that you’re going to jump straight to page one (however it is possible) but you will at a minimum see a just up of a page or so.

Tip 1: Take time to decide what your target market will search for in Google to eventually get to your website. If your company was called something that isn’t really related to what you do, for example ‘Vision’, it is wise to understand that the majority of people won’t search the term ‘Vision’ on Google to end up at your website. Let’s say that ‘Vision’ were a web design company based in central Birmingham. Users would find the company’s website by searching for terms such as ‘web designers Birmingham’ or ‘web design Birmingham’ so it would be wise to target such terms in your SEO plans.

Tip 2: Place your keywords within your HTML title tags and H1 headers, for example, the website home page could be titled ‘Vision – Web Designers Birmingham | Web Design Birmingham’. It is also important to remember that Google only shows the first 60 characters of your website title so don’t make it too long. With the H1 tags you could have the title on your homepage as ‘Vision Web Designers in Birmingham’ and this will immediately allow Google to recognise that the ‘web designers Birmingham’ keyphrase is related to the company ‘Vision’.

Tip 3: Submit a sitemap for your website into Google’s webmaster tools and submit your website URL so that it the search engine knows that it must crawl through your site.

Last of all…. be patient! Don’t expect results straight away as Google often takes some time to re-index all of the webpages so all you can do is keep creating fresh content with your keywords in (be sure not to put in too many instances of your keyword as this is called keyword stuffing) and in time your website will rise through the listings.

Give it a try…

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