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Top 3 issues people face with Magento Agencies

Top 3 issues people face with Magento Agencies

There are always qualities/characteristics which are easy to notice in a good Magento agency. Similarly, if you look close enough, you’ll also be able to notice the red flags. Not every agency will have a shiny halo above their head (but just to be clear, we do!). To avoid getting burned by a Magento agency, I’ve comprised a list of 3 painfully annoying issues you may come across:

1)     Are you Being Overcharged?

Heard of the phrase “you pay for what you get”? Well this is not the case every time. Sometimes the ROI you’re seeing is miniature in comparison to that colossal invoice you receive at the end of the month. Unless it pleases you to hand out money like it’s the end of the world, you need to sit down with your agency and discuss taking actions such as pushing for more work to be completed or prioritising tasks. You can also move to another Magento agency and this couldn’t be any simpler, especially with the amount of companies/developers who are more than willing to take on your project (like us!).

2)     Do You Have To Deal With Poor Customer Service?

Now this is one of the key issues people face. It is arguably one of the most important elements which, if done right, transforms a good Magento agency into a great one. Poor communication between an agency and their client cooks up a recipe for disaster. If you’re expecting to move forward, first you have to bridge the communication gap between both companies. What we like to do is have regular meetings with our clients in order to ensure both parties’ ideas and expert opinions are all “laid out on the table” so we’re able to take everything to the next step. On top of this, we encourage clients to call in whenever they have any queries to eliminate any lingering ambiguity from their side.

3)     Is Work Always Delayed?

Every company has their own sales targets to meet. Magento can be a very powerful platform, when utilised correctly it has the ability to bring in a lot of revenue. But when projects are regularly pushed forward it disrupts the overall flow of work. In some cases it is acceptable as not everything goes perfectly as planned 100% of the time, however frequent delays are simply unacceptable. In the past, we’ve had many people come to us regarding issues with their current agency. One of the biggest problems they had was the fact that work either was not being completed, or was taking too long. Well if this is a problem you’re currently facing, you need to make a decision…and fast. There are a few point of actions you can take:

  • Chase up your agency to ensure work is always completed (Note: You know you’re with a bad agency when you always have to chase them up).
  • Look around for other developers, like I mentioned earlier there are plenty to choose from.
  • Do the work in-house (which is not recommended unless you have complete confidence in your developers).

Any of these problems sound familiar? Well just like your mother told you, you’re involved with the wrong people! Heard of our latest offer? Get in contact with us for up to 4 free hours of Magento development worth £260.00. Interested? Of course you are! Simply fill in our contact form which is located on the “contact us” section of our homepage and one of our experts will get back to you ASAP.

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