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Top 5 Things to Consider In 2012

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is getting tougher and to excel in this field, one needs to constantly experiment, encompassing different techniques whilst acquiring new logics to aid growth, as the saying goes, ‘If you are not growing, you are dying’ this be the case with SEO.

The year 2011 ends with much of roller coaster in the search industry, it started with Google Panda update & ended at Open Site explorer under Bing’s wing, with loads more in between. Now it’s the time to set the goals & targets for 2012.

Let Chillizone help you in setting your goals. In 2012 we recommend you to focus on following things as some of the more important points.


Very less people actually talked about this, so what exactly the schema.org is? Schema.org is based on Micro Data or in plain English by this, the data can be described by vocabulary. This also means that the data can be seen in a more structured form.

Schema.org is not only supported by Google but all giant search engines such as, Yahoo & Bing with anticipation that in 2012 this will play an important part in the SEO arena. Read more about schema.org on SEOmoz.

Sentiment Analysis for Local SEO:

Sentiment analysis patent filed in 2007 and issued in July 2011 seems to create a big impact in local SEO in 2012. Recently SEOmoz published a blog post that tells in detail about how Google can guess about your mood and how un-happy emotions can hurt local rankings.

In our opinion this is the most important thing for 2012 & one should take local reviews and ratings more seriously.


Link Baiting was on high in 2011 & in 2012 this will continue to rise. Infographics is one of the best ideas used for link baiting. All you have to do is to collect data or research and represent it in a graphical representation.

As per our research & analysis are concerned, we can easily say that infographics will be used more than ever before for link baiting purposes.

Social Signals:

Social Signals are growing, will be more powerful &stable in 2012. Google was able to track Twitter data but now Google has Google+ to track social signals & on the other hand Bing has social data from Facebook. Having a strong base in Google+, Facebook and Twitter can positively affect rankings.

This is nothing new as it was important in 2011 but on the basis of our latest research we can say that this will become more important during 2012.

Design and Architecture:

How important is your design? And how easy it is for a visitor to navigate within your website? These are few of the important questions that search engines are placing as important factors during 2012. If you have a bad design with bad architecture then this is probably going to hurt your rankings in Google & other search engines.

In 2012 look & feel, as well as accessibility of the website will be considered as a more important factor with direct impact on SERPs.

If you think there is any other factor that is important for 2012 please share it with us in the comment section.

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