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Transform your Facebook Timeline into a Movie

Marketing agency, Definition 6, have recently collaborated with Facebook to create a fantastic and fun new feature available to all users that have the ‘Facebook Timeline’ enabled. The website allows you to connect through your Facebook account and then gather a selection of wall posts, photos, videos and other interactions to create a video that documents your life (well in terms of what is on Facebook anyway!).

I’ve took a screenshot video of how my Facebook timeline looked in video form, which is shown below, and this was generated in a matter of seconds. The finished product will look a lot better than my screen capture and with the music that you can add to the background it makes the finished product look great.


You can also make changes to the different content that appears in your movie and select from five different soundtrack choices.

Facebook Timeline Movie

Overall we’ve got to take our hats off to the guys at Definition 6 as this is a nice little creative feature that can really utilise your social catalogue to deliver a summary to you that can throw out some funny memories!

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