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Trump 'n Toblerone - #inthezone 47

Trump ‘n Toblerone – #inthezone 47

It’s official, the world has descended into chaos!

If you thought having to deal with less Toblerone was bad enough, now we all have to address Donald Trump as President Trump. Let that sink in…

Just like Brexit, we’re just going to have to accept this reality. The sooner we come to grips with this, the better it is for all everyone’s mental health.

Just think though…Donald Trump has access to the nuclear codes…the future is definitely bright *sarcasm*.

Ishwer on Work Experience

The future is only bright if we raise the children of tomorrow with enough skills to be able to go out and change the world, one step at a time.

We recently had someone from secondary school join us for work experience. This was probably the brightest kid we’ve had working with us to date.

His name? Ishwer!

After completing a week of work experience, Ishwer said he had learnt a lot of useful skills. We taught him:

  • Basic Google analytic goals
  • Using photoshop CS6
  • How to complete research tasks…

…And much more. Below you can see him pictured with Qasim – thank you for an awesome week Ishwer!

Qasim Majid and Ishwer

Two additions to the team!

Talking about bright prospects, we now have two junior coders join us to help out the development team.

It seems, just like Hulk Hogan’s moustache, our team keeps expanding.


Hannah and Dilip

They have been doing some amazing work and started working on client projects within the first week of joining the Wow Zone crew.

You know what they say, some people are just natural born coders…

Trump ‘n Toblerone discussion

Others are natural born idiots – LIKE TRUMP!

Or wait, is he really an idiot?

There was quite an awesome debate going on at Wow, with Qasim and Helen talking about “Trump ‘N Toblerone” (which you can watch by clicking play below).

In short; Qasim iterated that however you feel about Trump, you can’t argue about his approach.

Regardless of whether you agree with his message, he captured the emotions of millions – something which many marketers fail to do.

He marketed himself perfectly and now he has the keys to the kingdom. Whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen…

In terms of Toblerone, Helen pretty much summed up very nicely what the new design means for them.

Firstly, look at what they’ve accomplished. Within a day of releasing their new “design” they’ve been trending on Twitter.

Chocolate lovers who haven’t already gone to purchase the new Toblerone to see the new design will eventually cave and go purchase one (I’m guilty of the former).

On top of this, if they ever wanted to bring back the old Toblerone (which holds more weight), they could market it as a “Toblerone Classic” and thousands would straight to their local store to buy one.

They’ve invoked quite a number of emotional responses from celebrities and normal people alike all over the internet.

Off the back of that, other clever marketers have latched on to this trend and gained so much exposure, the following is a perfect example of this:


So now that I’m done with my article, it’s YOUR turn to give an opinion on Trump ‘N Toblerone!

Do you think America will to ruin under Donald Trump’s reign?

Are the people at Toblerone geniuses or idiots?

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