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Twitter Character Count Update

Twitter character count update means longer Twitter statuses!

Twitter character count updated and you may not have even noticed…

The 21st of March 2006 marks a historical day for all social media experts, digital marketers and general social media enthusiasts alike.

If you guessed that this significant day marked the birthday of social media giant Twitter, congratulations, because we had to Google that.

So, you’re here and ready to learn about what those dastardly people at Twitter have been up to in the background.

No need to worry, this update is a lot less devious than those we have experienced in the past. In fact, it’s the complete opposite (yes that’s right, you’re going to love it)!

If we’re being honest, not everyone is keen on the character limit Twitter enforces and that’s fair…I mean Donald Trump is STILL a “thing” regardless of his stupidity which goes to show just how unfair these things are.

Anyway, you can now say goodbye to heavily condensed down status updates and hello to more freedom!

Twitter is not regarding multimedia as the usual 23 characters anymore thanks to the Twitter character count update!

Actually, it’s not JUST multimedia that will be affected by a non-existent character count. The full list is as follows:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Twitter Polls
  • Quote Tweets

No need to pinch yourself, you did read that correctly. What seemed like an annoyance for many is now a thing of the past.

This video that Twitter created will help you better understand the update:


If you’re still slightly confused as to how this benefits you, we’re going to be breaking down why this is good for all:

Higher Twitter Character count to help create the perfect message:

Yes, this is excruciatingly obvious, but it’s still a great benefit. No longer will businesses struggle when writing messages with some form of multimedia/Twitter feature attached to it.

Now you have more characters to play around with, allowing businesses to create more significant brand messages and statuses.

More Hashtags:

Whilst it’s not great to spam hashtags, now the longer statuses open up new opportunities in terms of reach. Your updates will be able to reach more people with added hashtags.

Experiment with what hashtags work for you or maybe even create and enjoy having your very own hashtag (something that people immediately associate with your brand, business or character).

No more “internet talk”:

We’ve all seen companies use “internet talk” on statuses where it may look inappropriate. Sometimes people go to desperate lengths save characters like type “smthng” instead of “something”.

Whilst it may be okay for some businesses to do this, this tone of voice is not always appropriate.

In hindsight, a mere 23 characters may seem insignificant; however, it certainly generates numerous benefits.

As we speak, people are taking this update and using it to their benefit, so isn’t it time that you did the same? Go forth and experiment, great things await!

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