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Twitter Head Plays Down Purchase Rumours

Dick Costolo claims that talk of either Google or Facebook acquiring Twitter is premature as the company has no intention to sell, even for a rumoured $10 billion.

He said “Twitter needs to be super-simple and it needs to be always present, it needs to be like water in my home. Instantly useful. Always present, I don’t need to relearn how to use it in the shower after using it in the kitchen,” during a recent keynote speech.

He also highlighted the need to cater to the mobile market, as he revealed stats that around 40% of tweets now came from mobile devices.

He continues “We want deep smartphone integration and stronger text messaging integration. It has to just work the same way everywhere it is used.”

Analysts, though impressed by the speech, felt it was lacking in detail. Eden Zoller, a principal analyst at Ovum, commented “Twitter quoted figures on healthy growth and use, which is good but not surprising. What it didn’t provide was concrete details on was how effective its nascent businesses are proving to be in driving revenues – lots of case studies of cool brands using Twitter but no hard line on the margins this brings to Twitter.”

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