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Unified inbox for businesses on Facebook Pages!

Unified inbox for businesses on Facebook Pages!

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger part of the new unified inbox for businesses on Facebook Pages!

facebook-unified-inboxIt’s been around 4 years since Social Media giant bought out Facebook for a whopping $1bn (in shares and money)!
Since then, so much has changed – mostly for the positive.
Now we’re in the age where Instagram and Facebook work hand in hand.

Gone are the days where people have to manually search for all of their Facebook friends when they first start Instagramming!

However, there are still many issues. Such as businesses being overwhelmed with comments, messages and general engagement across messenger, Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is unveiling a brand-new feature which will make it easier for businesses to tackle this issue.

What exactly do I have control over?

There is now a Unified inbox for businesses on Facebook Pages (which includes Facebook, Instagram and Messenger)!

You will have the ability to reply to:

  • Comments on your Facebook posts
  • Reviews on your page
  • Posts on your Facebook page
  • Messages to your Instagram page
  • Comments on Instagram images and videos

…as well as segmented tabs focusing on individual platforms.


A few words from Benji Shomair:

Benji Shomair, Facebook’s global head of pages, said this new feature was one of their “most frequent requests”.

He then went on to say that the situation was so bad that “there were some people even carrying multiple phones so that they can respond to all the different things coming in”.

What do people think?

This app has already been rolled out for testing with a few companies.

Here’s what Nicole Chase, one of the early testers of this new unified inbox, has to say:

“The new and improved inbox gives me a quick overview of all media channels in an organized and succinctly. It reduces the time spent on administrative tasks by about 12%, and allows me to provide a more detailed and personalized service.”

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram unified inbox


Conversations are good for business as they allow you to constantly engage with your customers. More engagement means people getting to know your brand more (possibly on a more personal level).

This new unified inbox for businesses on Facebook Pages makes it easy for you to manage communications…SO MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE YOUR APP!

What does this mean?

In short, more potential sales…

This is the essence of what we do at Wow. We drive conversations and conversions for our amazing clientele.

We believe we can help your business too!

And it starts with a simple email…

You could be missing out on the chance to grow your business to new heights!

Email us today at – Hello@wow-zone.com

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