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Unlimited PPC Clicks

Unlimited PPC Clicks for £75.00!

Earlier this week I was speaking to a friend who contacted me for some advice. He mentioned that he had been approached by a UK company offering 5 key phrases for Google AdWords at £75.00 per month, irrespective of whether he gets 100 or 1000 clicks! Having heard it all, I proceeded to inform him that this seemed a little too good to be true! He did his best to convince me that this was true (obviously the salesman did an excellent job here) to which I replied that if this is true then I am informing all of our current PPC clients to leave us and go with this new company!

Knowing the key phrases in question, I calculated approximately what he can expect from that budget (take into account that a portion of the £75.00 will go to the company) based on a number of factors. It came out the maximum number of visitors he should achieve on this budget is around 150, this is a far cry from the word “unlimited”!


Anyhow, what I think actually happened was that the salesman must have got his words mixed up between impressions (the number of times the ad shows on AdWords) and clicks (the number of times visitors clicked on the ad). However, what left me with mixed feelings is that my friend may be entering into a business relationship that is based on a huge misunderstanding; it can only end in tears (more for him than the company). I have duly informed my friend to get this in writing from the company in question (who I am sure can never validate such a claim), and this should clear up the confusion. My friend was lucky that he was able to consult me, but how many are not able to do so and sign on the dotted line?


Our industry is already full of charlatans and it does not help when companies install incorrect expectations to get the sale. We need to make sure that we manage our client’s expectations accurately and fairly, and this can only be done when an agency does its best to make their clients online endeavors a success through realistic achievements.


I am sure my friend is the not the first and will not be the last to be tempted with such unrealistic claims. Should you have any queries about similar claims made to you, do not hesitate to contact me. It will not cost you anything to have a quick phone chat with me but it can help avoid unnecessary pain in the future.

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7 years ago

Thanks for sharing, good advice and also great offer of a friendly ear.

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