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Using Moz.com Profiles For Your Outreach

Outreach seems to be the buzz word of the past couple of years and everyone seems to be coming up with ways to improve the overall process, myself included. With this in mind, I’m going to share with you a simple yet very effective way of being able to get in touch with people within the online marketing industry.

Matthew Barby Moz Profile

As many of us online marketing professionals have a subscription to Moz’s tools, there are a large majority of us that have profiles on Moz.com. One thing that I noticed the other day was that my email address was publicly available on my Moz profile page (cue the spam messages haha!). I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one so it seems logical to use Moz profiles as a primary source of contact information.

Another big advantage of searching through Moz profiles are that the information within each of our profiles gives a brief bit of info into what we specialise in and what our major focuses are – this can be used to identify targets. To do this we can use an advanced search operator that I’ve been playing around with:

site:moz.com inurl:community/users/ “job title: * social media” -intitle:social media “email: *@”


Moz Profile Search Results

This search query looks only for webpages within Moz.com (site:moz.com), and then only for the user profile pages within Moz.com (inurl:community/users/).

The next part of the query searches only for people that have a job title related to social media (“job title: * social media”), which could be adapted for any kind of position that you’re looking to target. I have also added ‘-intitle:social media’ so that any profiles with the name ‘social media’ are excluded (this means you will only get actual people).

The final part of the query (“email: *@”) ensures that you only receive results that have e-mail addresses on their profiles – this is a pretty important part (especially if you’re not a Moz subscriber and don’t have access to the private messaging system).

Enjoy Your Outreach

This query can be adapted to find Moz users that specialise in all different areas of online marketing and, aside from outreach, it can be really useful for business owners trying to find individuals that specialise in something specific that they need work with – great stuff all round!

If you’ve got any handy little searches that can be carried out within niche communities then let me know in the comments below. If you’re a user of Google+ then you might also find my post on how to use advanced search operators to find Google+ users to follow – happy searching!

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