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Very Innovative Blog Comment SPAM!

Link Building is one of the most powerful search engine optimisation methods. However, there are a number of people who try to spam search engines with low quality link building in order to get better visibility on Google as well as other search engines. Search engines on the other hand are working hard to fight SPAM. Most search engines have a complete web SPAM team who effectively deal with these issues in order to provide a better search experience for users.

Low quality link building involves anything from keyword stuffing to clocking and doorway pages, and other similar techniques. Blog Commenting is a low level link building method that most SEOs and Webmasters still use. Most blog comments are moderated and can only go live once the Webmaster approves them. There are certain blog comments that do not look like SPAM but in reality, that is exactly what they are.

Recently, I went through the Junk folder of a blog and found some really innovative blog comments. At first glance, they seem like normal, everyday comments. However, on second viewing, it became clear that the comments were only made for link building purposes and did not contain any real value.

The point of sharing this post is to help bloggers who get enthused when they receive loads of comments on their blogs. In my opinion, there is no harm in getting a link from a blog comment, but at the very least this should be done manually, and your comments should provide value to the blog owner as well as the readers.

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