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Virtual Reality eCommerce

Virtual reality eCommerce

Virtual Reality Ecommerce

This Monday, we’re taking a break from our usual articles to look at something revolutionary for the eCommerce world and Magento alike. Some online stores have already started to implement this kind of technology and are paving the way towards a more immersive online shopping experience. We’re talking about virtual reality eCommerce, of course! Supermarkets like Tesco already have plans to implement this on their own website.

How is this possible?

With the help of the Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset), eCommerce stores will soon be able to push their product images to a whole new dimension. The Oculus Rift was originally designed for gaming, however, businesses in different sectors have kept their eye on it to see how they could use it to increase conversion.

The evolution of eCommerce…

It wouldn’t be fair to say that eCommerce has grown exponentially over these last 20 years. Whilst eCommerce has grown massively and become more common, it has not only just grown…it has met with technology every step of the way to adapt and fit consumer needs. We’ve come a long way from simply “buying and selling”, we’re slowly turning simple transactions into cutting edge interactions with our eCommerce users. Things such as customisation options (product size and colour changes) were later implemented on websites to allow further consumer demands to be met.

In terms of visual content, first came static images and rich product descriptions. People then started to realise product images wouldn’t cut it as the technology was rapidly evolving. What followed was product videos, showcasing more about a certain product. Recently, 360-degree images helped some stores improve their conversion rate by up to 27%. Now, are dawning upon a new era of online commerce…virtual reality eCommerce! Just think of the wonders it could do for businesses…the future really is now. Whilst the ability to implement VR for eCommerce isn’t common right now, we can guarantee in the next few years it will become standard practice (or at least see a massive rise in use).

What does this mean for the future of eCommerce?

In short, it means the billion dollar market will expand even more. If you look at the trend, it shows that people are now extremely comfortable buying online. This is due to the simple fact that more needs are being met. Over the last 20-30 years, the internet has revolutionized the way people buy. Before eCommerce, there was no way of purchasing an item other than physically going to a shop and buying what you wanted. Some people still appreciate this old fashioned method as it allows them to see the product they’re buying face to face, letting them make a more educated decision. Well, this is the beauty of virtual reality. People won’t need to get out of their house to see a 3D product. Instead, they’ll be able to use their desktop to view 3D items online and make a purchase. Ultimately, for your business, this means targeting a whole new market!

Confused as to how it would work? Watch the video below:


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