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Web Designers Claim They are “Disappointed” Crime Website Crashed on First Day

The bosses at the firm which was responsible for creating the police force’s new crime mapping website have stated that they are “disappointed” that the website crashed on the day that it was launched, but are delighted at the level of demand for the product.

The web designers, who were reportedly paid £300,000 for designing the website for the Home Office, revealed that at one point the site got 18 million hits per hour. The site allows users to enter a street name or password and discover how many crimes have happened in the local area.

David Moore, director at the company based in Lower Brown Street, said he had been pleased with its popularity but disappointed that millions of people were unable to access it.

He claims “We just had not anticipated the kind of volumes of traffic. We were eventually able to put up extra servers to handle the demand.”

The site now appears to be back in order and working well.

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