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Website Developers to Create Marathon Website in 26.2 Hours

A challenge has been sent out to website developers in Jersey who will look to develop and launch a brand new website for the Jersey Marathon. The catch is the website has to be completed in just 26.2 hours, the same amount of time, in hours, as the marathon is miles long.

A number of website developers and website designers will be locked into a studio from 10am on January 27th in a bid to create the website in time.

Helen Baker, Jersey marathon race director, claims that this is the groups third website, stating “It is part of the evolution and growing up of our little marathon, it is not a baby any more and we’re trying to reach out to more people.”

One of the website developers involved in the project also spoke up, with Damon Eastwood claiming “It is perfectly achievable in the time but we would not normally be doing the hours back to back. There will be a core team that will do the duration of two or three of us with others coming in and out to do different elements.”

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