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#inthezone 25: What it takes to be a champion!

#inthezone 25: What it takes to be a champion!

What it takes to be a champion

Welcome back to #inthezone guys! Can you believe it’s been over a week since #DigitalZone? Well, neither can we! Oh how time does fly. You’d probably think that since #DigitalZone finished we’d be at the office, sipping orange juice in our chairs with feet up on the table relaxing…how wrong you are! It’s been another hectic week, let’s tell you all about it:

So, firstly we wanted to go over something inspirational. You probably heard or watched one of the biggest underdog stories in the football world, or the sports world altogether for that matter. Yes that’s right, Leicester City won the Premiere League! Coming in to the season, the odds of them winning were 5000:1, so if you put £1 on Leicester City, congratulations because you just won 5 grand. In short, NEVER write someone off, it may come back to bite you! Before we finish up talking about Leicester City’s big triumph, we want to keep you updated on everything that’s been happening at Wow Zone.Mr Mango Delivery Website Launch

Like we stated earlier, we haven’t put our feet up and stopped working. Contrary to what you might believe, it’s actually been very busy at Wow. How have we been keeping ourselves busy, you ask? Well, the launch of the famous Mr Mango Delivery’s website was the main stressor. Some of us had to put in extra hours to ensure the launch ran smoothly…and smoothly it ran! Please, go to the website and show some support. They have an AMAZING offer on rice, a 20kg bag of Basmati rice for ONLY £8.99. We’ve enhanced the user experience and everything is just so much better! Click here to go on to the new Mr Mango Delivery’s website!

In other news, we have another huge announcement to make! We’ve almost secured a new client, and they’re a huge business! 2016 is not only the year of the Mango, but also the year we push ourselves to completely new heights. As you can imagine, we’re not allowed to say much about it yet, but we’re almost there and will hopefully have more details for you in the near future. For now though, we’ll settle for a small scale celebration. We’ve been so busy we haven’t even celebrated the success of #DigitalZone yet…embarrassing, right?

Coming back to the topic of Leicester City, it’s not only just a victory, but also a huge statement. What is that statement? In the real world, it doesn’t matter what the odds are. As long as your work ethic is on point, you have dedicated teamwork, you have strong leadership and your goal is the same; you’ll come out on top! Furthermore, you may not always come out with the result you wanted, but if you stick with something and remain consistent, the world is your oyster! Aaaaand THAT’S what it takes to be a champion! This can easily be transferred to businesses, make sure your team is united for a common purpose and there’s nothing you can’t achieve! Peace out folks, this is it for this week’s #inthezone 🙂 See you next week!

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