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What to Post on Your Social Media Pages

Social Media

A common question that we get asked at Wow Internet is ‘what should I talk about on social media?’ The answer to this is pretty simple: talk about what your customers would find of interest. Businesses can vary in the approaches to social media interaction, ranging from a very formal, sales-driven approach, to a more informal, fun approach. The key to a good social media campaign is getting the right balance for your business.


Keeping all of your posts relevant is one important aspect of any online marketing campaign. Of course you can have an occasional random post that you make; however, the overall theme of your brand’s online activities should remain consistent.

Sharing’s Caring

Posting about your own business and what you’re all up to is great, but it’s just as important that you post and share others’ content. By sharing the likes of industry related articles, infographics, videos, etc, which has been made by someone else will encourage them to also share your content. Make sure that what you’re sharing is still relevant to your business and will give your followers something of interest.

Finding Content to Post

One thing that can take a lot of time to do, is scouring the web looking for exciting things to post through your social media accounts. Luckily, we have some good tips to shorten this whole process.

Google have an extremely handy feature in the name of ‘Google Alerts‘. By using Google Alerts, you can pre-set keyword searches and get a continuous RSS stream of results that you can check back on. For example, you can set up an RSS feed to search the web for ‘Social Media Tips’. This would then search the web a deliver back a list of everything related to ‘social media tips’. As well as this, you can specify for it to only return videos, images, news articles, etc, so that you can get very specific information back.

Once you have set up a Google Alert, you can then transfer it into Google Reader. You can then set up multiple different alerts around different topics, export them all into Google Reader, and hey presto! You have just created your very own stream of content that you can post on your own social media accounts. We do this ourselves and have found that it saves us an enormous amount of time, as well as helping us find some absolute gems.

Another quick technique toward getting a hold of new content is to set up lists on Twitter. You could, for example, set up a list based upon ‘Marketing Infographics’, then add users into the list that regularly post infographics, for example ‘visual.ly’. This way you can just look at the Twitter feed from your created list and retweet some great new content.

Bringing it all Together

Now that you have a load of fresh content to post to your followers, start thinking about creating your own content. Write new blogs, create infographics, record videos, and post them all through your social media routes. You will soon start to see yourselves being added to Twitter lists and your own content being shared regularly!

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