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Why aren't brands personalising their service?

Why aren’t brands personalising their service?

There is huge potential in the marketing industry which brands are not incorporating into their marketing campaigns, it makes you ask yourself…

Why aren’t brands personalising their service?

Over 62% of ecommerce brands do not utilise digital marketing with a personalised approach, due to the lack of data on customer insight and the journey they go through when online.

A great technique is already being implemented on e-commerce sites and is helping convert prospects into customers for many businesses. For example, when prospects are on your site and abandon the shopping cart, personalised emails to this user such as “Don’t leave just yet, free delivery with your order”.

These triggered emails have shown to be effective, however, a report from Episever shows only 28% of companies are using this method from 70% of companies that are using email marketing.

Brands should be aware its 2017, we do not have time (or the customer is downright lazy) to search for the products or services we need, the importance of personalised content is critical, so we can find what we want as quick as possible.


Companies such as Jeep are integrating personalisation and technology together. With the help of augmented reality (AR), it’s allowing customers to create their very own Jeep in front of them. Jeep believe the future consists of customers creating and even ordering their custom made cars from the comfort of their own home.

Furthermore, they see AR as a mass marketing selling tool as the next generation of smartphones will be AR/VR ready, which marketeers will look to exploit.

Why aren’t brands personalising their service?

Jeep augmented reality


Going back to the early 2000s, when Nike introduced NIKEID a platform which allowed us to personalise Nike products for a premium. As it is being sold direct to the consumer, this enables Nike to create higher profits. I remember during secondary school (2007) a few classmates would spend time during their I.T lessons to make their own trainers and show off their creation to each other… nothing has changed. We still desire the empowered feeling of creating something unique.

Why aren’t brands personalising their service?

NIKEID personalisation

It is a real shame that there are brands out there, who don’t really know who their customers are, and thus fail to create personalised marketing campaigns.

Kano Model

Kano Model

In relation to the Kano Model (see above), customers want to be delighted with what you offer, offering a must-be service will eventually be overlooked as customers wants and needs are forever changing as they expect more!

Next week we will share some top tips on how to improve on your personalised marketing.

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