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Why competitiveness is good

#inthezone 16: Why competitiveness is good

Why competitiveness is good

Hello everyone, and welcome to your weekly 8 minutes of heaven! The geniuses behind #inthezone have been brainstorming and have thought of ways to make this article more exciting for everyone! Keep an eye on our social media, #inthezone will be heavily influenced by it. We’re slowly integrating all of our platforms so it’s all part of one bigger picture.

Let’s start with some positive news. Sarah decided to book her flight later this month which gives us more time to annoy her! We’re having a “one-dish party” in honour of her brilliant stay. We still remember her on the first day. She was on Branston street, wandering around trying to find Wowzone. Unfortunately, this happens to everyone who tries to find our office on their first go! I’m sure this happens to many of our clients too, comment if it has!Matthew Blowing Out the Candles

As you may have seen on our social media accounts, it was Matthew’s Birthday on the 10th Feb (yesterday). We’d like to take a moment out to say Happy Birthday! Here is a personal letter written by the team addressed to Matthew: “You’re 21 years young and still a lady killer. The work you’ve done here since you’ve started is amazing, you went full speed ahead right from the get go. As well as applying yourself and adapting to the role, you also bring a special magic to the place; the sort of magic that isn’t easy to come by. Keep on keeping on, we expect big things from you”. Here’s a picture of his classic cheesy wink with two thumbs up! If things don’t work out for you here, you could always be a model ;). We’re not done with Matthew in this article, we know how much he loves the attention so we’re automatically awarding him the quote of the week (see below).

Football is officially booked! The two captains are Adnan and Qasim. The teams have been decided and it’s time to let the action do the talking. Although there has been some trash talk thrown in the mix, it won’t stop both teams from the main focus. Winning the game. Things may get heated during the game (as footie brings out the competitive side in us all), however, it’s all in good spirit. Throughout the whole of next week, we’ll be posting updates before and after the game. You can expect banter, interviews with the captains and the legendary coin toss (to name but a few). Stay connected with us!

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We briefly mentioned competitiveness earlier in this article. Well, let us continue with that thought for a moment. People often associate being competitive as an annoying characteristic trait. Yes; it can be a bit too much sometimes, however, we believe competition brings out the best in people. This also ties in with discipline. A well-disciplined individual will recognise that the keys to success are simpler than they seem. Even when you’re at school, you’re competing with your peers. Competitiveness is completely natural, but it can also be self-destructive if it’s taken way too far. A good example of this is jealousy. Even though you may well be competing with your peers, if they are successful one should feel proud (not threatened). The lesson in disguise here is simple and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times already…everything in moderation.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Let’s take another video for Snapchat” – Ladies Man aka Matthew

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