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#inthezone 39: Why failure is necessary!

#inthezone 39: Why failure is necessary

Why failure is necessary.

It’s been a stressful week. Not just for the team at Wow Zone, for students all across the country receiving their A Level results! Of course, there is always much more to talk about as we bring you #inthezone, however, this will be one of the central topics for today’s article.

Before we get spewing “cliché” motivational words at students, saying the usual; can we just talk about how awesome Team GB is doing at the Olympics?!

Almost every soul worldwide knows that the Olympics are going on right now. However, not everyone enjoys watching these epic games, which is fair because it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a hard fact to accept, but it is what it is! Anyway, if you’re one of the few who hasn’t been following the games closely, let us give you a quick update on team GB. Here are the medals they earned in previous years:

  • Rio 2016: 55 (currently on their way to breaking the record)
  • London 2012: 65
  • Beijing 2008: 47
  • Athens 2004: 30
  • Sydney 2000: 28
  • Atlanta 1996: 15

(as stated on the Team GB website) https://www.teamgb.com/games

From the above, it shows a positive correlation with time and medals. We really want them to smash the record this year, let’s give them some support on Twitter. Tweet Team GB with #GoTeamGB and inspire them to smash another national record.

Talking about smashing records, more positivity from our great nation. A record number of students have been accepted into University and colleges, meaning our nation is getting stronger physically, and sharper mentally. What could be better?!

The number of accepted places? 424,000! It’s great to see the next generation doing so well. If you got what you wanted, congratulations! You deserve it.

Now, this brings us on to the other half of the coin…the people who didn’t do as great as they wanted to. To those people, we can understand you’ll be disheartened, it’s only natural. If the effect of failure is adverse and you’re now more motivated than ever; you’re part of a minority of people that will no doubt become successful!

Anyway, before we digress from the main point, don’t be disheartened! You have plenty of options, some of which include:

  • Retaking the year to get better results (yes, this sucks but sometimes it has to be done)
  • Looking at alternative to education (internships, apprenticeships etc)
  • Doing a crash course to earn some more credits to get into University

Do some soul searching, find out which route is best for you and give it your all. Remember, failure is sometimes necessary to allow ourselves to blossom into the people we grow up to be. Batman wasn’t always an awesome crime fighting vigilante, Bill Gates wasn’t always a billionaire and so on!

We have to go through failures to become successful. Nobody successful never failed, It’s because they weren’t afraid of failure that they were successful if that makes sense? Their entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable determination were too strong to break, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Now we hope you understand why failure is necessary. Are you willing to brush off a small failure to become successful?

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