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Why Magento is a popular choice for ecommerce

Why is Magento so popular?


Magento is the world’s biggest ecommerce platform and with 200,000 retailers online you can’t argue with the massive impact it has made (almost as big as Zayn leaving 1D, but unfortunately this is the era we live in). With three versions of Magento (Magento Go/Community/Enterprise), you can find anything from small retailers to large corporations using this platform. Some large retailers include corporations like Kurt Geiger, Liverpool FC and Fred Perry. Here are some of the reasons why Magento is a popular choice for ecommerce:

  • Large community:

    One of the great things about Magento is the large following it has. The amount of Magento resources online is vast, this is reflected through various Magento centric blogs and forums. Not to mention “MagentoU” which features Magento training and certification. All of the online resources available with Magento make it easier for people to find out what they need to know without having to pay for professional consultations.

  • Scalability:

    Magento community is highly scalable, meaning businesses of all sizes can benefit from it. Whether you’re turning over 50k or 10M a year, the Magento community edition will suit your needs. Smaller retailers who use Magento community can feel comfortable as they know Magento is able to grow as their business grows.

  • Vast number of developers and agencies:

    In the past, we have had people come to us saying they’ve been burnt by their current agency/developers. Well, with Magento that’s not much of a problem. There are so many other developers/agencies out there now that if you do happen to get ripped off by one, you can always just find someone else who is more than willing to take on your project (like us :D).

  • Magento connect:

    Magento connect is basically a marketplace that contains thousands of modules. Modules are add-ons you can integrate with your Magento store to improve its overall performance. Examples include Social Login, Store Locator, Sales Tracking and many more. Each app has a rating/review which can help you decide whether it’s for you. Alternatively, you can create your own module specifically to suit your company’s needs (or simply get a developer to do it).

Magento Connect

  • Open source code:

    Magento features an open source code, which is what attracts many people to it. An open source code is when anyone can edit the code, as opposed to other software which only allows the original developers to edit the code. Having an open source code means many benefits like better security, quality and customisability.


These are only a few reasons why Magento became so popular so fast, there are many more. In 2008 it rapidly took the market by storm and since then it has only continued to grow, and will only continue to grow as more people become attracted to it. Looking to migrate to Magento, or simply looking to build a site on it? Get in contact and we can discuss an opportunity over a nice coffee!

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7 years ago

Magento provides powerful options and its present product menu in a great way. You can easily develop your product menu and manage lists.

nice information it is very use full for me.

7 years ago

It’s really very awesome. thank you so much sharing

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