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#inthezone 3: Why trying is never enough

Why trying is never enough!

So far, we’ve brought you 2 weeks of #inthezone and we’re still going strong! If you think you’ve read what there is to read, you couldn’t be more wrong…We’re still going to keep bringing you priceless humour. We’re still going to bring you business lessons not to be missed out on, and we’re STILL going to bring you amazingly edited pictures (not)! Those who have been with #inthezone from the start will understand more of what’s going on. But don’t fret, if you haven’t, you’re only 2 articles behind. Better get reading! 😉


Let’s kick-start this week with another BIG congratulations. This one goes out so Safina, she recently got her Masters Degree from Aston University in Strategic Marketing Management. She’s been under a lot of pressure but rose to the occasion like a true Wow employee. Not only did she pass, she smashed the ball out of the park by getting a Distinction (the highest level possible). So once again, congratulations. In honour of this, we’ve got our best designer to make this elegant edit of you. New twitter profile photo? Perhaps!

Safina's graduation

Not photoshopped at all…


In more recent news, Twitter was blowing up after making a small change. Much like the aftermath of the phantom logger’s strike, Twitter erupted into a mess after introducing a “like” button in place of their “favourite” icon. This has left many users emotional as they reminisce all the good times they had with the favourite button! As you can see below people are paying their dues. Let us just take this moment to say RIP!



Whilst we’re still on the topic of the Phantom logger, I’d just like to point out that since two employees have left Wow there have been no recent report of any blocked toilets. If you put “number 2 and 2 together” you may say they left to avoid getting caught, but I guess we’ll never know for sure! We’ll just leave this in the hands of the readers…


And now, moving on to my personal favourite part of the article, what we’ve learned this past week. Once again, the office has been very hectic. Everyone has been putting in the work with some staying longer than they’re required to. As the office becomes busier and deadlines become tighter, the levels of stress are elevated. No-one is perfect enough to remain calm and collected all the time, however we do ask our employees to do their best to remain clear headed and focused. We believe…and I quote…”if you’ve given it your best shot and things don’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be”. Have another great quote on the house. One of my all time personal favourites which I couldn’t agree with more. It goes something like this “To try is to fail”, a beautifully spoken quote from Master Yoda himself


Before we wrap things up, I’d just like to briefly sum everything up. Do your absoulte best, you owe it to yourself. No-one likes to see wasted talent, if you’re struggling with motivation, get rid of the word “try” from your dictionary just smash all the obstacles in your way. Trying isn’t and never will be enough.


Quote of the week: “Oh my giddy aunt!” – Shaheen

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8 years ago

“Do or do not… there is no try.” Master Yoda

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