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Why you should choose UKFast for hosting services

Why you should choose UKFast for hosting services:

Recently I wrote an article about what to look for in a Magento host. It required the host to have certain characteristics like good after sales support, a good server environment and so on and so forth…UKFast is a great example of this. They’re a B2B company based in Manchester, it is known for its managed hosting, cloud services, and colocation. It was founded in 1999 by Lawrence Jones. Please note that these are my own thoughts and in no way shape or form have we been approached (or paid) by UKFast to write this. The purpose of this series of articles is purely to highlight good hosting solutions for companies in the UK. Moving on, here are a few reasons of my reasons why you should choose UKFast for hosting services:

1) UKFast offer great customer support, and that’s a promise:

They pride themselves in their “24/7/365” dedicated support and believe it sets them apart from their competitors. This is also reflected through their “three rings” policy, which is their promise that they will answer any phone call within (well you guessed it) three rings. So if you’re used to bad customer support like being hung up on or your phone call being ignored, you’ll be in customer service heaven (and I heard they have nice hold music)!

Customer Service

2) Optimised Magento Hosting:

Magento hosting speed needs to be on point, especially if you’re in the eCommerce industry. A slight delay in site speed means some people will just bail, and that’s not good for your conversion rate at all! Magento hosting is slightly different to normal hosting, it needs to be optimised specifically for Magento. Companies who don’t go through the Magento specific optimisation process will see problems arise quickly. That’s why UKFast is a safe, trustworthy option. They have Magento optimised servers ensuring problems won’t arise. In their own words…”fast impressions count”.

3) Steady Server Environment:

Their server environment is extremely safe, full stop. With a multi-10GB network optimised for server hosting, where can you go wrong? Their servers are built for redundancy, security and speed. They also guarantee both 100% network uptime and high-performance. This is because of their multiple, state of the art data centres completely owned wholly by themselves. The specifics include:

  • 10GBps diverse fibre connections
  • State of the art, secure data centres (as mentioned before)
  • Multiple transit links
  • 5 x 1GB & 2 x 100MB peering points
  • Advanced server monitoring
  • Intelligent routing of bandwidth
  • Port monitoring
  • Real-time visual traffic graphs
  • SMS advanced alert system

The strength of their server, combined with the raw power of Magento makes for the perfect solution for your hosting needs.

4) They have extensive experience:

UKFast have been around a long time, meaning they’ve hosted many Magento projects and because of this they have configured a great Magento optimised solution. With 15 years’ experience in their field, they undoubtedly have a greater understanding of hosting than many other companies in the UK. In their own words:

Our optimised Magento hosting solution has been achieved through taking each element of a standard Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack and replacing it with products that time and again deliver Magento websites faster and more efficiently. Our stack technology has been stripped right down so that as much of the CPUs as possible are dedicated to powering hosted websites.”

All in all, UKFast’s hosting services tick all the necessary boxes for a good hosting provider. If you’re looking for Magento hosting services, you can have confidence in UKFast!

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