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How Do You Work Alone?

So this week I’ve been abandoned by my Brother-in-Arms Amo while he swans off to Budapest and Vienna, and it got me thinking about all those individuals who work independently all the time.

How do you manage it, I can barely last a week – and it’s only day 2!

So I started thinking, how to do you best manage your time when you’re working alone?

Here are some of my top tips!

Write Out Your Tasks

If you know what you’re doing for the week, then you’re more focused on your work!

I’ve found that because I’ve listed my tasks for this week, I’m being way more efficient in getting things done!

A Different Kind of Ranking

You need to focus on ranking the importance of the tasks you’ve listed.

You can work two ways: Either get the biggest task over and done with first or get the mini-tasks done before heading to the bigger ones.

It’s about what works for you!

Face Your Distractions

Everyone gets distracted – Facebook and Instagram are my worst distractions.

You just need to find your way of getting past them, whether that’s hiding your phone in another room, or getting a healthier distraction like going for a quick walk!

Don’t Spend All Your Time in One Place

One can get a little stir crazy when they’re looking at the same four walls every day – but I get paid full-time to work in one location so I’m ok!

So if you have the opportunity to get around and work somewhere new, do it! You never know what opportunities await you!

It also means you won’t be on your own, you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded individuals!

Create a Weekly Timetable

If you have that visualisation of what you’re going to do throughout the week, you know where you need to be and feel productive!

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