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InTheZone Part 9 - Working Smartly

#inthezone 9: Working smartly

Working Smartly

It’s almost 2016 guys, are you excited? Because we sure are! There are lots of changes to be made and so many things to achieve, we know the coming year will be massive. We will also be temporarily putting #inthezone on hold so we can all spend time with our families and relax, the way Christmas is supposed to be celebrated! In the mean time though, let’s just get straight into this week’s article.

Sarah BirthdayOn Monday it was the birthday of one or our employees. We introduced her some weeks ago…remember Sarah? Silly question, of course you do! We wished her a very happy birthday, and it would be great if you could do…Let’s all send her some good ‘ole British love, comment a nice birthday message underneath for us to show to her. We’d really appreciate it!

If you’ve seen on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram; you’ll know we decided to do a Secret Santa this year. The budget was £5 and the first gift has already been given. A few of us are flying out over Christmas so those who were had to give their presents earlier. The test is to see who can use their £5 in the most efficient way. Safina was the first to receive a gift! If you follow our social media channels, we’ll reveal the gifts as we receive them!

Mystery presentStaying on the topic of secret gifts, we received one on Tuesday morning from an unknown person. After what seemed like a long and futile debate, we deducted that it must have been Ian from accounts. However, we’re not ruling out anyone else. Whoever it was, we urge you to come forward! Brains are being scrambled just from trying to figure out who it was, is this really what you wanted?! The following is a picture of what we received…we’d like to thank you for the sweets stranger!

We know you’ve probably already heard about UFC 194 and how it blew up the internet over the weekend, however, we thought we’d mention it anyway. Jose Aldo Jr went up against the Irish prodigy Conor McGregor only to lose in 13 seconds of the bout starting. Conor brought the UFC Lightweight belt home to Ireland, and his country couldn’t be prouder. One thing I noticed is that he did not prepare by training as hard as he could, it was more to do with training smart. He invested his time as smartly as he could, perfecting his movement and making it as flowy as possible. In the end, it was his movement combined with a perfectly placed left hook that won him the bout. Congratulations Conor, and also a very well done to Jose Aldo Jr for a successful 10 year championship reign. We know he’ll be back stronger than ever!

This generation is being brought up completely different from the last, hard work isn’t the only way you’ll get ahead. As we saw by Conor McGregor’s performance, there’s a new era dawning in which we must learn to adapt to otherwise we’ll always fall short. Those who believe this does not apply to them are clearly those who will go under the bus when things go pear shaped. Just as a notice, I’m not saying hard work doesn’t pay off, it does. However it is not hard work alone that will get us to the finish line! Invest your time smartly, because time is the most valuable currency! 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “99% perspiration, 1% inspiration.” – Qasim


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