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5 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Agency Right Now!

This awesome blog was written by Parvesh Bansal, and with assistance from Helen Fulton

Digital Marketing, as we know it, is a very visual part of a business.  With so much competition out there, how do you make your business stand out?

You then have to ask yourself, do I have the time to dedicate to creating a remarkable Digital Marketing campaign? Anything less than great isn’t good enough!

This is where the debate between In-house Marketing vs. Marketing Agencies comes into play!

Some think it’s better to take on their own Digital Marketing because they know the business the best.

Others think that they want to rely on the heavy experience of a Digital Marketing agency instead, and that’s cool too!

You have to look at the pros and cons of each idea to fully understand which the best is for you – and we’ve done just that for you!

Advantages of In-House Marketing

  • You Save Money – If you can do it in your own space and don’t have to pay X amount to someone else to do it, you might as well save where you can!
  • You can see what’s happening – Instead of having to call or email someone else, you can see the exact impact for everything you do!
  • You are the Brand – And if you’re solely dedicated to that brand, you’ll do better right?
  • It’s linked to you – So if something goes well, you can reward yourself, but if something goes wrong, well…

Everything always has its benefits, but also its negatives as well!

Disadvantages of In-House Marketing

  • Resources – You’ve already got your business to handle, do you have the time and the resources to handle your own Digital Marketing too, or would it be easier to give it to someone else?
  • Your Location – Agencies can work Worldwide to meet client demands, how far can you reach from your office?
  • You might be wasting your time – Unless you can afford someone with experience in Digital Marketing, it’s going to be someone else’s job, and because they may not know that much, that person could be wasting their time on something they don’t know.

On the other hand…

The purpose of a Marketing Agency is clear and simple. You’re paying them to promote your company and make it as known as it possibly can.

These agencies are usually referred to as ‘Creative Agencies’, simply because they’re the creative geniuses behind great marketing campaigns!

Not meaning to toot our own horn or anything…

Advantages of Marketing Agencies

  • You’ve still got control – So many people assume that once your Digital Marketing is in the hands of an Agency, that you lose all control – you actually have more say than you think!
  • Communication – One of an Agency’s top priorities is to communicate with you – if anything you’ll have a go at us for over communicating!
  • It’s cheaper – If you hire a whole team to manage your In-House Digital Marketing, you could be spending thousands on each employee. At an Agency, you pay one cost for lots of different team members!
  • We’ve got the experience – enough said I think!
  • Frees up your own staff – Are you a small business with someone doing your Marketing as well as other things? Give them time to focus on their priorities and let an Agency handle the marketing.

We’re not biased though, Agencies can’t do everything. Here are a few things Agencies can struggle with…

Disadvantages of Marketing Agencies

  • If you choose the wrong one – So this may not be our fault per say, but it is SO important to pick the right agency for you. Some agencies have specialities that you may want, and some might be totally useless. Check them out fully before you invest!

(Just for your information, it is very rare to find a bad agency!)

  • Un-coordination can cost – If the planning doesn’t work, and there’s a lack of communication, it could cost you dearly! Make sure everything is planned out before you start working!

So what do you think? Are you going to invest in an In-House Marketing team, or give yourself a break and leave it to the experts in the Digital Marketing Agency? Let us know in the comments!

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