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Facebook fires shots at YouTube with new Facebook video hub

Not too long ago Facebook announced that it was racking up to 8 billion video views EVERY DAY!

As impressive as that is, it is worthwhile noting YouTube, reported 4 billion daily views back in 2012, a number which has likely risen by more than double since!

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YouTube is currently king of video…

…but Facebook isn’t centuries behind them either and is aiming to change ALL OF THIS with its new dedicated video hub.

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As you can see at the bottom of the mobile device is a “video” button. Users can click on that to take them to what is essentially a video marketplace.

It allows you to see a selection of videos from friends, liked pages, saved videos, videos you’ve already watched or videos that have been recommended by friends.

Here is a demonstration Facebook put out themselves, just so you can get a better idea of how it works – skip to around 40 seconds in:

They announced that it was testing the feature back in 2015 (near October), so I imagine it will be rolled out publicly within the next couple months.

Even if Facebook did surpass YouTube in views (which I highly doubt) it is difficult to compare both channels, as each platform defines a “video view” differently;

Facebook – Videos which are displayed for 3 seconds or over, regardless of whether the user has activated sound, are counted as a view.

YouTube – Videos watched for 30 seconds or over are counted as a view.

A view on YouTube is 10 times more than what it is on Facebook…something to consider when comparing the two platforms.

To end this article, here are a list of the main features Facebook rolled out just in 2016:

  • Suggested videos – Bringing videos which users may be interested in to their attention
  • A save button – Allowing users to bookmark content to come back to later
  • Multitasking – Allow users to continue watching a video whilst scrolling through their feed
  • Live video – Enables users to share a video of them instantly in the location they’re in
  • Facebook Marketplace – People now have the ability to buy and sell within Facebook
  • Instant articles – The ability to read articles without actually having to leave Facebook!
  • Facebook Reactions – Allows users to “react” to posts with a series of emotions.

It was a massive year to say the least…now and Facebook fires shots at YouTube with new Facebook video hub! What will be next for the social media giant?

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