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InTheZone Part 9 - Working Smartly

#inthezone 11: Making a promise and not a Resolution!

Making a promise and not a Resolution

It’s 2016! Happy New Year folks! Also, congratulations on almost making it through the first week of 2016. It feels as if the time off was much needed for most of us, allowing us to reset, reconfigure and become more motivated than ever. We can’t be the only ones that feel this way either. Aside from this, let’s just crack on!

As you know, there are a lot of sales before Christmas, after Christmas and for the New Years. For customers, it’s great; it means a lot of sales and chance to save money. However, for those in Marketing, Design and Development it means a ton of more work. We’d like to give a big thank you to our team for having the patience to put up with all of the extra demand! They soldiered through and, as a result of their hard work, brought in some great results for some of our clients. On top of this, our clients deserve recognition too for being awesome. We look forward to working with you this year, let’s all grow together!

So if you’ve been on Twitter you’ll notice that the term “Ramadan” is trending in the UK. The UK Government are deciding whether or not to reschedule exams to avoid clashing with students who are fasting. With all the negativity in the media nowadays, it’s nice to see some positive reporting. For those that are Muslim, it can be gruelling having to do your exams on a complete empty stomach (bearing in mind that most of these exams are extremely difficult). Exams are also gradually getting tougher every year, so this is a very important consideration!

Earlier this week, we had a meeting with a really big prospect. This is of course with the one, the only Mr. Mango! Yes; that’s what is written on his birth certificate too! Everyone at Wow-Zone is very excited to have a very dynamic and energetic new client on board. The paperwork has been signed and things will be kicking into action VERY SOON. Stay tuned because we will be making a video diary of the ups, downs, work completed and basically everything to do with this project. At the moment, only #inthezone readers will have first access to these videos…Here’s the first one:

Although we had a great 2015, with a lot of new client prospects and a fresh wave of employees; we plan to make 2016 even bigger and better! We don’t want to settle, instead we are grateful for what we had and strive for more. At Wow-Zone we don’t make resolutions for the New Year, instead we prefer to make promises. The reason? Well, resolutions are prone to being broken…it’s as simple as that! A promise to yourself (or a loved one) holds a much stronger bond and it is therefore less likely to be broken. If you don’t break your promises, you’ll see your discipline rise substantially. With added discipline comes more productivity and so on and so forth. The knock on effect from a promise holds more worth than you think and this is what we can learn from this week’s #inthezone! Stay classy, Birmingham.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “NEVER tell your boss you forgot!” – Qasim

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8 years ago

Brilliant. Mr Mango is going places. Amazing work Qasim, a true professional.

[…] With the New Year still being quite topical, you know people are still on their “diets”. Some are staying strong whereas others are struggling. You should know that it’s perfectly okay to struggle, you can’t expect to be perfect from day one! However, for those trying to make healthier choices, we can offer you this piece of advice. Don’t think of it as a diet, more so a lifestyle choice. Diets are often associated with being short term, whereas making lifestyle changes sticks with you eternally. You’d be amazed at how much a thought is able to influence an outcome. At Wowzone we have several team members making better lifestyle choices, which we know will stick with them throughout their life. Whether it’s something as small as cutting down junk food to twice a month, or drinking more water daily; everyone has to start somewhere! We hope every single one of you is staying strong and sticking to your promises! […]

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