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What are the cheapest advertising methods in 2019?

In 2019, there are a plethora of options when it comes to digital advertising and some have revealed themselves to be more cost effective than others in 2019. For marketing managers or executives in companies who are currently complaining that the company marketing budget isn’t enough, maybe this blog will help make the most of that remaining finance. Here are the cheapest advertising methods to be utilising in 2019.

YouTube Ads

The great thing about YouTube ads is that not many companies have jumped onto the advertising platform yet (relatively speaking). That’s why you often see ads that aren’t really related to you or your interest.

For example, one of our fitness fanatic staff members keeps seeing advertising for Dairy Milk products but sadly, he has no interest in Cadbury’s chocolatey goodness due to the strict regimented diet plan he currently adheres to. Based on the amount of fitness pages he follows; it was surprising to see this ad come up as much as it did as opposed to more fitness-based nutrition products.

This is just one example. I also see ads that aren’t related to my interest in the slightest such as: learning Hebrew. a Wheel of Fortune mobile game and Anime/Manga channels.

What this tells us is that there is a huge opportunity to utilise the platform properly. You can target users based on all of the parameters that Google enables you to tinker with: gender, age, location, times etc (as YouTube is part of the Google family).

However, the cost per view for someone watching a YouTube Ad is minuscule compared to Google Search ads. With Google, you can be spending many pounds just for one click to your website. On YouTube, you will be paying just 3p per view. Yes, that’s not a click but, in that moment when the user is watching your ad, you won’t be competing with numerous text ads around yours. The user is solely focused on your ad meaning you have their complete undivided attention and a better opportunity to sell your wares.

YouTube Ads also enables you to choose what types of videos your ideal user would be interested in. For example, if you were tasked advertising a new cooking book by a celebrity chef, you can target those who have a deep interest in watching cooking related videos, It’s a really handy tool which rivals Facebook’s targeting options.

Speaking of which…

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Both Facebook and Instagram ads now run from Facebook’s Ad manager platform. As I mentioned in a previous blog post regarding social media advertising vs Google advertising, Facebook advertising allows you as the marketeer to target individuals in a much more detailed manner. You have so many different options to work with including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Relationship status
  • Level of Education
  • Job Titles
  • Parents with children of specific ages ranging from 0-26
  • Life Events including: Away form family, away from hometown, long distance relationship, new job, new relationship, recently moved and upcoming birthday
  • The interests the user has based on the pages they like/follow

In terms of costs, you have the power to set what your own cost per click should be which seems a little bit crazy. The lowest you can set your cost per click at is a measly 6p per click. That is a lot of eyes on your business for peanuts and is definitely an avenue you should consider advertising on if you haven’t already!

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is another social media titan and is another great way to build brand awareness, boost engagement or drive traffic to your website.

If we’re competing with YouTube on the cost per view front, Pinterest charges around £5 for 1000 impressions/views. That works out at 0.005p per impression!

In terms of engagement or a click, marketeers generally state that it will cost around 10p to garner engagement which is slightly more than Facebook/Instagram but it is still extremely cheap!

As a business, you have to work out which platform is best suited to promote the product or services in the industry you’re in. That is a topic I’ll be covering in a blog soon so stay tuned!

We hope you’ve found that information useful and hopefully you’ll save a few bucks having read this post! However, if you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact us at Wow Group via the contact form below or by calling 0121 285 1100. One of our marketing team members will gladly assist you. Until then, may the advertising gods shine upon you!

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