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Offshore Work – Does It Work?

We always hear scary stories about sending our design, development, SEO, PPC etc work to offshore companies. Indeed, many of our existing clients approached us after failing in their endeavours abroad. Does this mean that all work sent offshore is doomed to fail? Many will...

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Google’s Web History Feature

I currently have mixed emotions regarding Google’s announcement of it's Web History feature. This is an opt-out personalised search feature that remembers which websites are visited regularly, with a net effect of placing them higher up in your personal search listings. The SEO community at...

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Social Media, Today’s New SEO War Zone

I guess it had to happen. In a bid to stay one step ahead of Bing.com & Yahoo.com, Google has announced the inclusion of placing "real time" results amongst the natural search results. This means that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn &...

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