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Computer Hackers Attack Swedish Governmental Website

A group of computer hackers have attacked a Swedish governmental website, forcing it to go offline for several hours due to the denial of service attack. The attack appears to be from the same group that have been showing support for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and...

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Access to Amazon Blocked Temporarily by Hackers

Hackers believed to be reacting to the attempted extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange managed to block access to the Amazon website as a response to the company refusing to host the WikiLeaks website on their servers. Hackers managed to block the British, Italian...

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Panda Strike from Google

Rumours about a new Google algorithm are causing a greater headache than normal, and this update is already having a negative effect on search rankings for certain types of websites. This update, known as "Google Panda" (also referred to as Google Farmer), is estimated to affect...

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Freelancer vs. Agency?

If you have decided to outsource work, then which of the two options is better? A reasonable question indeed, the following criteria is a good beginning to help answer this question: Value the Work Place an internal value on the work being outsourced, regardless of whether it...

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