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Google Growing More Dominant in Mobile Phone Market

Recent statistics have shown that Google is growing ever more dominant in the smart phone market in Europe and the UK after it was found that 38% of British smartphones use the Android operating system developed by the company. Yje operating system has also achieved 35.5%...

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Google Defends Itself Over SEO Accusations

Google has begun defending itself from accusations from SEO specialists that it is deliberately reducing the notoriety of some websites to fix their search results. Scott Huffman told the BBC that the suggestions that Google were fixing results was "almost absurd", after the Panda update was...

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Google Granted Approval for Takeover of ITA

Google has been granted approval by the US Justice Department to continue its takeover of the travel search and recommendation company ITA, however the catch is that they have been banned from utilising its market position to further the company's goals. Google, which has been accused...

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Microsoft to Offer Street View Service like Google

Microsoft are continuing to ramp up their challenge to Google's search engine dominance by rolling out a competing service to Google Street View. The company has dubbed their version 'Street Side' and has already rolled the service out in the US. They are now looking to...

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Google to Make £550 million Bid for Patents

Google is to bid more than £550 million in an attempt to purchase a host of patents from the bankrupt telecoms company Nortal in what is being seen by many as a defensive move which will protect them against other companies that have larger patent...

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