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Co-Founder of Microsoft Criticises Google and Apple

Paul Allen, who along with Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft, has called rival companies Apple and Google "evil". He describes Apple boss Steve Jobs as "monomaniacal" in a recent interview just weeks after his thoughts about Gates were published in his memoirs. Allen also criticises Google founders Sergey...

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Google to Change Google Maps for Rio

Search Engine giant Google have agreed to rejig their online Google map of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro after it was criticised by the city for placing prominence on the town's infamous favela "Google never intended to defame Rio," claimed Google's director of communications...

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Google to Shut Down Google Video

Google has announced news that should come as a shock to nobody after the company's purchase of YouTube. The SEO giant will be shutting down Google Video according to an email sent to users of the service. They have been given until May 13th to...

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