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How to increase website speed part 2

How to increase website speed – Part 2

So yesterday I gave you some great starting tips to increase your mobile speed, but that was to get you off the start line, I’m here to get you to the finish with part two! Without trying to repeat myself, it’s very important to stress the...

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How to increase website speed

How to increase website speed – Part 1

Speed glorious speed, it’s now a crucial SEO ranking factor! (Yes, that was a horrendous attempt to write those words in the tune of “food glorious food”). Ok, serious voice now. Google announced this year that increasing website speed will become paramount for all that...

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How does Google AdWords work

How does Google AdWords work?

Ahhh Google AdWords, a personal favourite of many digital marketing agencies. It’s tried and tested highly targeted method for getting the right customers through the virtual door of your business. For those not in the know, AdWords is the advertising platform where advertisers bid on certain...

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